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Welcome to Hatfield Public Schools

In a time when personal safety has become a high priority in most every community, town and city, the town of Hatfield and its public schools offer a unique opportunity for students to acquire a comprehensive education in an environment easily described as an academic haven.   

Traveling through this Norman Rockwell setting one can appreciate the efforts that have gone in to preserving a lifestyle that embodies traditional values and a more deliberate pace so often lost in today’s society.  Quality education is held in the highest regard and, not too surprisingly, our community sets high expectations for its schools, its school personnel, and its students. 

An incredibly talented and dedicated group of professionals offer a superior educational program at Dorothy M. Breor Elementary School.   Our boys and girls not only enjoy the personal one-one-one attention often found in small schools, the program is enriched by specialist services in Physical Education, Library/Media, Reading Recovery, Special Education, Spanish, Computers, General/Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Speech and Language, and Psychology.  And virtually everyone looks forward to the opening of our new elementary school in the fall of 2003. 

At Smith Academy our middle and high school students and faculty take pride in a rich academic tradition. Programs and courses have been designed to meet the specific academic needs of a largely college-bound student body.  Our youth understand the expectations and take seriously the challenges of demanding coursework and rigorous academic standards.  

And the results have been remarkable.   

Just consider the M.C.A.S. scores, the dropout rate, the S.A.T. scores, the percentages going on to college … Virtually every indicator of achievement puts Smith Academy students at the head of the class. 

Being a Smith Academy student is not only about academics, it is also about taking advantage of wide-ranging extra-curricular activities and athletics offered to help round out a student’s education.  With nearly 85% of the student body taking part in extracurricular athletics, drama, band, and/or chorus, it is understandable that our youth come away with the intangible skills that can only be acquired in team and group activities.  As most executives will tell you, the successful acquisition of these skills, attitudes and traits profoundly impact an individual’s potential for success in today’s workplace. 

Small classrooms, dedicated professionals, actively involved students, and supportive parents and community --- combine together to create a remarkably safe and wonderful learning environment.   

Enjoy our web pages!  Better still, come see us … you’ll be amazed!

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